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Wynn Sarden as Chop
Wynn Anthony Sarden was born and raised in Detroit, MI. Wynn attends Wayne State University, where he is majoring in business marketing and has coached men’s basketball. Wynn has been around the entertainment industry all his life. Throughout his youth he has been in music, athletics, modeling, and acting. Wynn was always the popular kid and kept everyone entertained. Wynn began acting when he was ten in school plays and found a passion for it. Wynn took some time off from school, and finished with many accolades in men’s basketball. Music was a hobby of Wynn’s but found his way back to acting when he landed a role in a short film Love Changes, where he connected well because it was a lot like an experience he had being caught between two loves of his life, and having to make a decision. Wynn is very versatile and can get into any character very well. Continuing in the entertainment industry, he began working in event coordinating and planning in Atlanta, Georgia. Now back in Michigan, he is pursuing his passion acting. Looking forward to upcoming feature in the remake of Sparkle.

Kellita Scott as Michelle

Jojuan Westmoreland as B
JoJuan Westmoreland was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. Raised without a father by his Grandmother and his Mother he is the oldest of three children. At the age of sixteen with a sense of responsibility beyond his young years he took it upon himself to be a greater support to his mother and his siblings. He left High School in his junior year and struck out for work to assist the family. He was hired at a labor ready facility to assist in erecting tents. Unbeknownst to him the beams, supports and cables he was lugging around were for the famous UniverSoul Circus. His work was noticed just three days into his assignment by a supervisor for the Circus who asked him if he worked for them. JoJuan answered no, saying that was a contractor from the Labor Ready group. This further impressed the man because JoJuan who was just 16 had managed to instruct, train and organize forty other individuals becoming an on site manager nearly over night. It is a testament to his work ethic and ability to take direction that landed him a job traveling with the circus after his mother’s approval of course.

JoJuan traveled from state to state and city-to-city with the circus, the time spent with them gave him an outlook on the entertainment industry that many people would never see.  He met and entertained many celebrities; he saw the effect that the stage and the lights had upon the crowd, the awe on their faces at the amazing feats and brilliant displays of color and music. It was then that he decided he also wanted to put that look on people’s faces, to send them home with a lingering sense of wonder and amazement. After a year and a half he left the circus to return home. For the next few years, he continued to do odd jobs to make ends meet and continue to support his family, during this time he began acting on stage and doing plays to test the waters of the theatrical. He found it difficult to say the least, not the acting, but the waiting, the constant vigil over the horizon for the big shot that he was sure was coming. Discouraged he set acting down for a while and continued life as ordinary until deciding to take a chance and going to the Repertory Theater in Detroit.

JoJuan met his wife Toya at the Repertory Theater and like a fairy tale they fell in love.  JoJuan continued to hone his craft determined not feel defeated ever again. He applied his work ethic and focus to his gift and his marriage, before long he accumulated a considerable resume of films and performances to his credit in Theater, film, and television, and also added new additions to the world through the love of his wife in the form of their two children. His achievements in stage and film are due in no small part to his willingness to take the next step even when what was over the horizon didn’t seem like it would ever present itself. JoJuan currently resides in Detroit with his wife Toya and their two children. He continues to perfect his talent and explore other avenues of the entertainment industry including singing and modeling. He has been dedicating a harder look to film since November of 2009 and has become SAG eligible for his hard work.

Katie Matthews as Tiffany
Katie Matthews earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre Arts from Eastern Michigan University.  She has had the opportunity to work alongside local and national professionals including:  Clifton Powell, Roger Guenveur Smith, Music Artist Big Sean playing his leading lady in the music video “Almost Wrote You a Love Song” and Director Qasim Basir of the newly released film “Mooz-lum” to name a few.  Katie’s recent stage work includes:  “Caught Up” where she had her Directorial Debut, “Cheaters” and “When a Woman Loves.”   She has also performed in a number of Lynn’s Boys Media stage productions, starring in “The Representative.”  Katie has the versatility along with the confidence to pull off any role that any cast desires. Guy Sanville, Artistic Director of Jeff Daniels-The Purple Rose Theatre said it best, “She is a leading lady!”
Catherine Martinez as Samantha

Dez Cortez as Jeffrey
Dez Cortez hit the stage scene hard after being nominated for an Irene Ryan award and Stage Actor of the Year for his performance as Booth in the Pulitzer Award winning play Top Dog/Underdog in 2004. He then showed his versatility playing the Hispanic Male, speaking with a Spanish accent on tour with the hit play Race. Once back in Detroit, Dez was written into the script of Tene Redmond’s Love is. There he met Kamal Smith, Lawrence Thomas and Chris Patton. This crew went on to do six plays and many other media partnerships together. Meet the Parents, written by Kamal Smith, was Dez Cortez’s first lead in a play, sharing the stage with celebrities Clifton Powell, K-Deezy and Monica Blaire. He also stole the stage with a classic performance in the hit play Cougars. Dez’s other play credits include Voices in my Head, Confessions of a Deadbeat Dad, The Breaking Point, and Breaking The Leg, to name a few.
Dez has also graced the big screen in movies such as Janaya Black’s Til Death, 5K1, 420 the Movement, and Politics as Usual. He has also performed in many short films including Saturday, Trying to Catch the Beat, Bite Out of Crime, Clubbin’ and Prom Night. Dez has a leading role in the movie Destiny’s Calling, which was released in 2011. He is also a star in the hit comedy Loud Pack with Foolish, Beanie Sigel and London ‘Deelishis’ Charles. Dez is currently in production for the movie Dancing Shoes produced by K Jon, and Why Do Men Cheat? The Movie. On April 1, 2011 Dez launched his highly anticipated video series, D Tales, and will be working in over 6 projects during the summer.
Dez Cortez has the talent, attitude, personality and drive of an exceptional leading actor. He is climbing the ladder fast and will break into the SAG scene really soon.

Wayne Kinney as Austin
Immediately after graduating Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts in 2004, Wayne A. Kinney aggressively began looking for work as a model and show host.  The experience on stage as well a brief stint in industrial films led to an interest in feature film acting.  Since 2009 Wayne has contributed his acting talents to many independent films but continues to use his clean cut looks, funny personality and big-heart to entertain guests and audiences as a narrator and Disc Jockey for private events and productions.  Wayne currently resides in the metro-Detroit area and owns a full-service event production company.

Cherry Sparks as Natalie
Cherry Sparks resides in Troy Michigan. The Former Miss Detroit and Miss King Cobra (Anheiser Brush) is a hair stylist as well as entrepreneur. Cherry has modeled designs from Echo Red to Gucci, hair companies from Luster Silk to Revlon. She has graced the cover of several hair magazines locally, and across the country.
Cherry has appeared in plays with Keith Washington, Carl Payne, Angela Winbush, and Ali Wilson, not to mention a host of others worldwide, and excellent local talent. Some of her play credits are Gods Way, Harmony and Rhythm, Voices in My Head, I remember Way Back When, Grandma’s Hands, He Said She Said, and The Breaking Point. She has the following film credits: Still Death, Black Mafia, The Prodigal’s Daughter, Darlin Nicki, Hustin Street, A Long Time Running, Michael Bay’s The Transformers, and Prom Night.
In her spare time Cherry enjoys basketball and reading. A spiritually grounded humanitarian, and self described workaholic, Cherry’s ultimate goal is to work behind the scenes of movies directing, script writing and editing. Cherry would like to thank all the directors and writers for taking a chance and believing in her talents.

Mickey Hernandez as Sarah

Alex Thomas
Alex Thomas was born in Los Angeles, California. He grew up with a musical background. His mother, a classical pianist, and his father, Alexander Sr., was a member of one of the greatest bands in R&B history, Earth, Wind, and Fire. Because of Thomas’ height and size, sports did not work out in his favor. While growing up in the hood, the only other alternative was telling jokes. He was the class clown from kindergarten until he graduated from high school.

Right after high school, he landed his first job in the entertainment business on the hit comedy show, In Living Color. I guess you can say Thomas went from high school straight to the pros. Believe it or not, he wasn’t hired as a comedian or an actor, but as a dance choreographer for the infamous Fly Girls. It was on the set of In Living Color where he met Keenan Ivory Wayans and Damon Wayans, that he was persuaded by the family to pursue a career as a stand up comedian, and the rest is history. 

Two years later, Will Smith found Thomas performing at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood, California. Smith hired Thomas immediately as a writer on his hit sitcom, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, where he wrote for the show for three seasons. As a stand up comedian, Thomas has starred in two one hour comedy specials, Straight Clownin’ on Showtime and BET’s Comicview. Thomas has opened up for such stars as Sinbad, Jamie Foxx, Mark Curry, Damon Wayans, and Bill Cosby. 

Stand up comedy has led Thomas to many television and film roles. Thomas played a sidekick role to Jamie Foxx on the hit sitcom The Jamie Foxx Show for three seasons. He has also guest starred on other hit sitcoms, such as Martin on Fox, Girlfriends on UPN, The Wayans Bros. on WB, Moesha on UPN, The Parkers on UPN, and All of Us on UPN. Thomas has also appeared on several talk shows, including The Best Damn Sports Show Period, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on NBC, and Premium Blend on Comedy Central. 

In addition, he has appeared in hit films such as The Players Club, Two Can Play That Game, Just Married, B*A*P*S, and The Wash to name a few. Thomas is also well-known in the hip-hop world from performing in several hit music videos and also several skits on platinum selling albums by artists such as Kanye West, P. Diddy, Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, and Bow Wow.

Cherie Johnson
Cherie Johnson was born in the small town of Duquesne (Du-kane) a few minutes outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This African American/ Puerto Rican little girl was soon to be a trendsetter having her sights on Hollywood, California at the young age of 6. Little did a young Cherie know that she had a famous uncle (David Duclon, the creator of Silver Spoons, producer of Mork & Mindy, The Jefferson’s, Happy Days, The Odd Couple, Laverne & Shirley, etc.) who held her close to his heart and mind. Using Cherie as a muse, he wrote a pilot for NBC titled “Punky Brewster” and anticipated his niece would solely be thrilled that he named one of the characters after her. Her response was not that of a typical 6-year old. This bright-eyed bushy tailed stargazer couldn’t grasp the idea of anyone other than herself playing a character of her namesake. Unfortunately, nepotism was far from a key factor in casting. Uncle Duclon had sold the show to NBC and the part of Cherie was to be cast in Chicago, New York City, and Los Angeles. Not a clue of what an audition was, her persistence paid off. After 6 auditions, hundreds of other potential actress’ across the country, and a heartwarming meeting with Brandon Tartikoff (then president of NBC) little Cherie Johnson went from muse to TV Star! “Punky Brewster” was a hit and Cherie couldn’t ask for more. With a hit TV show, a hit Cartoon Series, Cherie was then nominated for a Young Artist Award for three consecutive years. Her body of work later included her memorable role as Maxine in ABC’s (CBS`s) hit TV show “Family Matters” co-starring Jaleel White (Steve Urkel) & Kellie Williams (Laura Winslow). On December 8th 1991, Cherie was recognized by the National Association Of Youth In Entertainment by winning the Award of Excellence and was nominated for her 4th time for A Young Artist Award in 1993. After 9 years, “Family Matters” ended. Yet again, Cherie found herself working steadily on TV shows such as “Good Behavior”, and hit films such as “Teaching Mrs. Tingle”. Cherie’s guest-starring role as Kim’s (Countess Vaughn) cousin on UPN`s “The Parkers”, turned into a memorable recurring role. In 2002, Cherie revisited her voice over roots when she landed a recurring role on the Disney Channels “The Proud Family” co-starring Kyla Pratt and was reunited with her childhood friend Soleil Moon Frye (Punky Brewster). 

In 2003, Cherie decided to step back into the big screen with her cameo appearance in the summer comedy “Malibooty” executive produced by Brian Hooks.

Sandy “Pepa” Denton
Sandy “Pepa” Denton was born in Kingston, Jamaica. Her family moved to Queens, New York when she was a child. In 1985, Sandy “Pepa” Denton and Cheryl “Salt” James formed the rap group Salt-n-Pepa. This groundbreaking group sold more than 15 million albums and singles worldwide. Pepa also appeared as a cast member on VH1′s Surreal Life in 2005, and has appeared as an actress in several other film and television roles including the popular HBO drama, OZ as officer Andrea Phelan. Several years after Salt-n-Pepa’s break up, VH1 released, The Salt-n-Pepa Show, documenting events from the lives of Salt and Pepa. In August 2008, Pepa released her Autobiography titled “Let’s Talk About Pep.” “Let’s Talk About Pep,” offers a glimpse into the fame, failures, and successes of her celebrity life. To accommodate the book, Pepa launched her own social network for her fans. She also starred in her own reality show on the network entitled Let’s Talk About Pep, a name play off the group’s hit song “Let’s Talk About Sex”.

Damon Williams
This Comedian/Actor is a former Subway sandwich shop owner from Chicago began his career at All Jokes Aside Comedy club. Damon can be heard weekly on the nationally syndicated Tom Joyner Morning Show doing the hilariously funny SERIOUSLY IGNORANT NEWS. Damon will join the staff of Chicago’s SOUL 106.3 as the man on the street April 16th 2012. Damon was prominently featured in the highly acclaimed documentary PHUNNY BUSINESS A Black Comedy, which premiered on SHOWTIME Feb 2012.
Damon recently completed a 38-city Royal Comedy Tour. Damon’s career was profiled in a full page article in JET magazine in 2011

Damon’s numerous television appearances include BET’s Comicview annually since ’94 including his own one-hour special. He’s been featured on BET LIVE, Comedy Central’s Premium Blend, The Joyner Skyshow on TV ONE, and HBO’s P Diddy’s Bad Boys of Comedy. Williams even hosted several episodes of the legendary Showtime at the Apollo formerly hosted by TV star Steve Harvey. In 2010 Damon was selected to interview the stars backstage at THE SOUL TRAIN AWARDS. In 1999, Damon performed for over 300,000 fans as the opening act for the highly successful Kings of Comedy Tour, establishing him as one of the elite comics in the nation. Damon is a veteran of The US Comedy Arts festival in Aspen. Damon headlined the Cedric the Entertainer Comedy Revue. Damon is a crowd favorite on the college, club, and concert circuit. Damon also performs internationally with regular appearances in Canada with stops in Vancouver, Montreal and every long weekend in Edmonton.  Damon was recently featured on The Real Deal Comedy Jam, which airs in the UK.
Williams can be seen on the current season of HBO’s Def Comedy Jam and look out for a ground breaking set on the new season of Martin Lawrence’s 1st Amendment Stand Up as well as Comics Unleashed

His material is universal and there’s something for all ages. His popularity has provided him the opportunity to work with some of the biggest stars in the business and also as host for a campaign brunch for then US Senator Obama. Some of these stars include EARTH WIND AND FIRE at the historic Chicago theater Aretha Franklin, Pattie LaBelle, Luther Vandross, Ray Charles, Harry Belafonte, Chris Rock, James Brown, Jamie Foxx, Little Richard and even President Barack Obama. The monthly comedy shows he produced for the House of Blues came about after one appearance on the Jenny Jones Show. He was contracted to write, perform, and produce skits in over 50 episodes. His starring role in the hit musical comedy tour “Laughin’ on the Outside Cryin’ on the Inside” generated standing ovations every performance. Williams has been seen in the films PAST DUE, I USED TO LOVE HER, and SQUATTER’s RIGHTS
A star on the rise his motto is “Don’t stop, and Don’t quit”!!!

BoBo Lamb
Bobo Lamb is one of the most original and naturally funny comedians to rise this millennium. 14 years is considered a veteran in the comedy circle but Bobo confesses he’s just beginning to define his comedic path. Bobo Lamb has worked at some of the most prominent comedy clubs in the country as well as working with the hottest comedians in television and film.
Writer, comedian and Actor he is definitely one of the “premiere” talents in comedy arena locally and nationally defined. He is extremely diverse and can work from clean to edgy, to adult-mature content performances. Currently, Bobo Lamb resides in Los Angeles, CA, and when he’s not touring he can be found at some of Hollywood’s “hottest” comedy venues. Bobo Lamb completed two Indie films in 2005. He’s an accomplished writer and has even written a scene in the movie “Roll Bounce”. He has appeared on HBO/P. Diddy’s- Bad Boys of Comedy • National Bacardi Lights Tour, also the winner • BET’s Comicview, 5 times & Producer • “Best of BET’s Comicview”,  just to name a few. Bobo has opened up for: The Ojay’s, Patti Labelle, Harold Melvin & The Blue notes, and many more. Bobo Lamb is also a contributing writer for “Stagetime Magazine”.

Crew Page

Ken Baker Jr. – Director • Executive Producer • Writer • Editor
If you’ve lived in or around Michigan and turned on the TV, got an invite to one of the hottest parties, or ventured into the independent film industry, chances are you’ve gotten a glimpse of Ken Baker Jr.’s magic. A multiple Telly Award winner with over 10 years in the business, Ken honed his skills at Michigan State University, where he acquired his BFA in graphic design, learning and fine-tuning his knowledge of the anatomy of art, color theory, concept, and flow among other fundamentals. He was snatched up right away by WXYZ-TV (ABC), a leading news station in Detroit. Spending several years with the media giant, he created visually stimulating graphics packages that enhanced the television viewing experience.  Ken is a multi-talented designer with experience in everything from news design, to music videos, to feature-length films. He has created several award-winning videos for local artists such as Derrick Irie, Big Herk, and J-Deago to name a few. Ken sought to expand his passion for art even further by directing. This pursuit would yield his first self-directed short “A Bite out of Crime”. Soon to follow were music videos for Lady Te’s “Hurricane”, and Kori Blake’s “Don’t Stop”. Later, he would put Detroit on the map with his work on the controversial indie film Project 313. Ken began KJ Post, a production company, as a way to bring his expertise to the masses. Making his mark in the industry yet again, Ken is director, co-writer, and executive producer of “Why Do Men Cheat? The Movie”.

Delano Glass – Executive Producer
Delano Glass is no stranger to the entertainment business. He grew up around a mother who was an original member of the singing group The Chafons. For this guy, being around people like The Temptations, Diana Ross & The Supremes, and Smoky Robinson & the Miracles was very normal. Delano was the head of Promotions/Marketing for Streetnoise Records under the direction of award nominated Record Executive Glen Cannon. From there, he went on to work with The Artist Prince for three years. He was Assistant Director of Tour Promotions during the Jam Of The Year Tours. After the tour ended he and a few colleagues spearheaded the magazine “Spotlight Entertainment”, which in the first seven months of business grossed $150,000. Studying under local television icon RJ Watkins, he learned the ins and outs of radio & television, going on to form a televised version of the magazine called “Real Entertainment Television”.

While watching a episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show, he saw a guest say, “ a person should write about a subject that they know well”. It was then a light bulb went off in Delano’s head. Cheating was the subject that Delano knew all too well. That was when he birthed the concept for “Why Do Men Cheat? The Movie, and enlisted some of Detroit’s finest production talent. Delano is the executive producer of “Why Do Men Cheat? The Movie”.

Tamekia Dobbs – Assistant Director • Producer • Writer
Detroit native Tamekia Dobbs is what some would consider a “Jill-of-all-trades”. An Accounting & Finance major, she found she had a passion and a talent for the arts over 10 years ago after meeting her life partner and now business partner Ken Baker Jr. The two formed KJ Post, a production company. She has worked on productions for local artists such as Kori Blake Lady Te, and DJ-Jewels Baby and Young Truth to name a few. Building on her newfound talent, she expanded into film shortly after, working on the short A Bite Out of Crime, and post-production on the controversial film Project 313. But that was not enough. Tamekia wanted to somehow incorporate her creative writing ability in her achievements. Forever challenging herself to stretch her boundaries, this young trailblazer makes her debut as co-writer, producer, and assistant director among other things in the highly anticipated film about male infidelity, “Why Do Men Cheat? The Movie.

Lauren Johnson – Producer • Writer
Lauren E. Johnson is a lover of storytelling. Whether it is with prose or multimedia presentation she is known for her ability to engage and entertain. Lauren studied Broadcast Journalism at Kent State University, and Video Production at Specs Howard School of Media Arts.
Lauren started her career at her alma mater, working as a production assistant on the History Channel documentary, “This week in History: Kent State: Anti War Protest Turns into a Battlefield”.
She spent three years at one of Detroit’s top stations WXYZ-TV (ABC) splitting time between writing for Emmy winning noon newscast, associate producing, and field producing events like the Detroit Grand Prix. While at WXYZ Lauren linked with Florine Mark, the largest franchisee of Weight Watchers International. She was tapped to handle public relations for Mark and the brand, in addition to producing her television show “Ask Florine” and speech writing.
Lauren resides in Atlanta, Georgia where she is a producer at CNN, and part of the Peabody Award winning team for coverage of the Arab Spring. Jumping at the opportunity to bring real stories to life, Lauren took on the role of  co-writer and producer of “Why Do Men Cheat? The Movie”.

Cliniquka McCall – Co-Producer
“It was as if God himself whispered in my ear, it was then I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life”. This is the feeling Cliniquka McCall says felt when she was 19 years old, and heard Director John Landis speaking for the first time about filmmaking.

Cliniquka studied Radio- TV-Film Indiana State University. While there she was hired as a Production Assistant at top local news station, CBS affiliate WTHI-TV Channel 10. After earning her Bachelor of Science degree in Communications with an emphasis in radio, TV, and film, she moved to New York City to further her education at The New York Film Academy. There, she completed an intense, hands-on program.  When she returned to her hometown of Detroit, Michigan and attended Specs Howard School of Media Arts.  She has worked with Scientifically Proven Entertainment where she quickly moved from Production Coordinator to Associate Producer filming some of the most well known names in entertainment and politics. Cliniquka now brings her expertise to the feature film, “Why Do Men Cheat: The Movie”.

Christina Hernandez-Cox – Co-Producer
Christina Hernandez- Cox was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. Since she was a child she has had a passion for media industry, recording herself on any radio cassette tape or video. An alumnus of Specs Howard School of Media Arts, Christina concentrated on TV, film, and graphic design. She has worked on various movie sets, TV shows, and has also done voiceovers for multiple radio spots, expanding her knowledge in an industry that changes in the blink of an eye. With faith, hard work, and dedication, Christina believes that anything is within your reach. Christina worked on “Why Do Men Cheat? The Movie” as an associate producer by title, but on set she was known for her upbeat and go-getter attitude.

Tyrone Staples – Producer • Editor
Born to a father that is a musician, and a mother that was a dancer – it was a no wonder as to why Ty Staples took to the world of “show business” without effort.  Studying at Wayne State University, Ty earned his B.A. in Radio and Television with a focused minor in Theater. Ty has produced and directed a number of stage plays and independent films including  “Battling Giants”, “Mahogany Dreams”, “Love Is…”  “Voices In My Head”,  “The Death of Hip Hop”,   “Jigsaw Puzzle”, “The Other Side”, “Who’s Holding Me”, and “Dear Friend”. In 2001 and 2002, Ty was hired by Detroit’s notable Mosaic Youth Theater as an instructor for the Actor Training Program where he trained the next generation of rising child actors – most notably television’s Judge Gregg Mathis’ three children.
In 2000, Ty began working at Detroit’s WXYZ-TV as a Studio Director.  While there, he met Director/Producer Ken Baker Jr.  Ty has worked on Ken Baker’s sets on films such as: “A Bite Out of Crime”, music videos: “Don’t Stop” – Kori Blake, “Hurricane” – Lady Te & “Look Who” – DJ Jewels Baybeee & The Young Truth.  The two now team up once again to produce the much-anticipated docudrama, “Why Do Men Cheat? The Movie.”

Janaya Black – Producer
Janaya Black is a woman who thrives in the capacity of wearing many hats.  A passionate writer at heart, she seamlessly blends her creative drive and aspirations into the many other facets that make up her impressive resume.

To date Black has authored three books and written several screenplays. In addition to her writing endeavors, she has also directed and produced several film projects, some of which include Why Do Men Cheat? (producer), Loud Pack (assistant director), Till Death…Do Us Part (writer, director, producer), and A Cold Dish (director).

Janaya serves as president/CEO of Black-Smith Enterprises and is also one of the founders and managing partners of the Trinity Film Coalition.

Marshalle Montgomery – Co-Producer

Rockey Black – Associate Producer
Rockey Black- is a Michigan native actor and producer, who has a passion and tenacity for making things happen.

After landing his break-out supporting role in the blockbuster hit 8 Mile starring Eminem, Black has gone on to appear in a several independent film projects and has produced a plethora of short and feature-length films including Why Do Men Cheat?, Till Death…Do Us Part, Company Policy, A Cold Dish and The Breaking Point.

In addition to his acting and production endeavors, Black is also the co-owner of Goldline Films and a founding member and managing partner of the Trinity Film Coalition.